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Mandate & Bylaws

In accordance with the OURA constitution, the association is guided by the following four-pronged purpose:

  • OURA shall concern itself with academic administration including, but not limited to, admissions, registration, examinations, scheduling, transcripts, systems, records, calendars, scholarships and awards, secondary school liaison, and other activities or undertakings that may be deemed appropriate to OURA.
  • OURA, as an affiliate of the Council of Ontario Universities (COU), maintains a professional relationships with COU. With respect to OURA’s interests and functions which fall within the scope of the activities of COU, OURA may request the appropriate level of funding and administer those funds in a proper, responsible manner. OURA shall advise COU on any item deemed appropriate
  • shall conduct workshops for the exchange of information, professional development, and for the development of new procedures.
  • shall encourage and conduct studies on matters related to items indicated in (a).