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OURA Award of Excellence

These annual awards are designed to recognize the everyday excellence of the employees of OURA member institutions within the following areas: Registrarial, Admissions, Recruitment & Liaison, Graduate Studies, Records & Systems and Student Finances.

Each November the OURA Vice-President will invite one award nomination per institution from each of the OURA member Registrars, Directors, Vice-Presidents and/or Deans. (The nominee should be under the supervision of the OURA member nominator.) The nomination should be forwarded to the OURA Vice-President and include the nominee’s name, title, and description that illustrates the everyday excellence demonstrated by the nominee at their home institution. The OURA Vice-President will collect all nominations and present them at a subsequent OURA Executive meeting for  consideration.

After reviewing each nomination received, the OURA Executive will award the OURA Award of Excellence to a maximum of one recipient per institution. (The OURA Executive reserves the right not to give an award, if not warranted in its judgment.) A framed certificate will be presented to each recipient of the award by the OURA President and the nominee’s University Registrar or designate. All awards will be presented at the Annual OURA Conference Awards Ceremony.