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By Laws

a. Date and place of Annual Meeting
i. An Annual Meeting shall be held prior to March 1.
ii. The date and place of the Annual Meeting shall be determined at least four months in advance.
iii. The place of the Annual Meeting shall be designated by the Executive Committee.

b. Agenda for the meeting will include:
i. President’s Report
ii. Treasurer’s Report
iii. Communications Officer and Website Administrator Report
iv. Reports and recommendations of Committees/Commissions
v. Election of officers of the Executive Committee

a. Workshops may be sponsored by OURA:
i. to exchange information among members;
ii. to develop common procedures, where desirable, applicable to OURA matters;
iii. to provide an opportunity for professional development
b. The Executive Committee may receive recommendations for workshop topics from members of OURA or from its standing committees.
c. The Chair of the workshop shall be responsible for the preparation and submission of a written report to the Executive Committee normally within four weeks after the conclusion of the workshop  as follows:
i. a review of the workshop;
ii. specific recommendation(s) arising out of the discussions, whereapplicable;
iii. final financial statement.


a. Each Institutional Member shall pay an annual fee based on their undergraduate FTE population.  This amount will be presented and agreed upon at the annual general meeting

b. There shall be no fee for Honourary Members.

c. Organizations that are Associate Members shall pay an annual fee and shall name one person as their representative.

d. Individuals who are Associate Members shall also pay an annual fee.

A fee for the Annual Meeting, Guidance Dialogue, workshops and other activities may be assessed to defray the costs.

a. All members of OURA shall be invited, a minimum of one month in advance, to attend the Annual Meeting. The invitation shall include a copy of the Minutes of the most recent Annual Meeting.
b. The minutes of Executive Committee Meeting(s) shall be sent to the designated OURA contact of each participating institution.
c. Electronic communication is recognized as an official vehicle of communication.