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Article II – Officers of OURA

The officers of OURA are the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

a. A Standing Committee of OURA is a subcommittee of the Executive Committee, established by an action of OURA, on recommendation of the Executive Committee. Standing Committees are established to carry on continuing business of a specialized nature in an administrative, research and/or advisory capacity in accordance with its terms of reference. The action of establishment must include the proposed terms of reference governing the specific functions and structure of the Standing Committee.

b. Activities of such a committee shall be governed by Article VI.

A Commission is a body appointed by the Executive Committee for specific services which can be discharged within a specific period of time.

Every effort shall be made to ensure regional representation on all Standing Committees and Commissions.

The term of office begins April 1 after the Annual Meeting at which a member was elected and continues to March 31 of the succeeding year. The Treasurer, Secretary and Communications Officer shall serve for a two-year term and may stand for reelection for one consecutive two-year term. The other members shall serve for one-year terms and may stand for re-election, but no member may serve for more than three consecutive terms in one position. Normally, one-third of any committee should be new members annually.

a. Should a vacancy occur on the Executive Committee, other than the office of President, the Committee shall have discretion as to whether the vacancy is left unfilled or filled via (1) a by-election or (2) by appointment.

b. Should a vacancy occur on any Standing Committee, it is the responsibility of said Standing Committee to notify the Executive Committee of the disposition of the vacancy.

A quorum for any committee shall be a majority of its members.