Article IV – The Function and Duties of the OURA Executive2023-01-22T20:59:34+00:00

Article IV –The Function and Duties of the OURA Executive

Section 1: General Function 

a) The general function of OURA is to act as a deliberative body for substantive decision making on registrarial matters that influence all Ontario universities. 

b) OURA reports as required to the Ontario Council of Academic Vice Presidents, and makes recommendations concerning registrarial matters provincially. 

c) OURA provides strategic Oversight for its affiliated groups including: 

  • Ontario University Council on Admission 
  • Ontario Association of Financial Aid Advisors 
  • OURA standing Committees 

Section 2: Affiliated Groups of OURA 

The following groups and their sub-groups are affiliates of OURA and will recommend to OURA substantive decisions that affect registrarial governance in Ontario: 

Ontario University Council on Admissions 

Ontario Association of Student Financial Aid Advisors 

Standing Committee on Secondary School Recruitment 

Standing Committee of Service Delivery 

Standing Committee on Records 

Standing Committee of Graduate Studies