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Standing Committee on Graduate Admissions

  • To exchange information about administrative procedures at the graduate level.
  • To promote and preserve more interaction and communication of ideas between graduate officers and, as necessary, undergraduate officers in Ontario.
  • To undertake studies and activities as requested by the Graduate Studies Group and/or the OURA Executive Committee, and to make recommendations as necessary.
  • To plan sessions of interest for the Graduate Studies Group at the annual OURA conference.
  • To maintain the Graduate Studies Group website.

Membership shall be open to all interested persons responsible for the development, management or operation of administrative functions involving graduate studies, and whose institutions have membership in OURA.
Members elected to the Standing Committee on Graduate Studies must be Regular Members of OURA or become Regular Members on election.
Only members of the Graduate Studies Group who are Regular Members of OURA may have voting privileges.

The Committee shall consist of a minimum of six (6) members as follows:
Chair, Vice-Chair and Past-Chair. The Vice-Chair shall be elected, prior to the Annual Meeting of the Association, for a one-year term, and will automatically become Chair at the end of that term.
In addition, a minimum of three (3) members shall be elected, on a regional basis where possible, to the Committee.
The Chair shall be a member of the OURA Executive Committee.
The Chair and Vice-Chair of the Standing Committee on Graduate Studies shall also act as Chair and Vice-Chair of the Graduate Studies Group.

The Standing Committee will meet at the discretion of the Chair or by direction of the OURA Executive.

The Graduate Studies Group will meet at least once a year. Special meetings may be called at the discretion of the Chair or by a majority of members of the Standing Committee.

A copy of the agenda shall accompany the Notice of Meeting, normally distributed two weeks prior to the date of the meeting.

Whenever possible, the Annual Meeting of both the Standing Committee and the Graduate Studies Group will be scheduled to coincide with other OURA meetings.

At all meetings of the Graduate Studies Group, seven (7) members, excluding the Chair, shall form a quorum.

Observers may be invited to attend meetings of the Graduate Studies Group and Standing Committee.

Only one Regular Member from each institution will be allowed to vote. h. The Chair of the Graduate Studies Groups and Standing Committee shall have no vote in either body while occupying the Chair, except to cast a tie-breaking vote.

Past-Chair: shall assume the role of Chair, should that Office become vacant; shall, in the absence of the Chair, preside over meetings and perform the duties of Chair; and shall call for nominations for positions on the Standing Committee for the following year.
Chair: shall preside as Chair of all meetings of the Standing Committee and of the Graduate Studies Group and is normally considered the official spokesperson for the Standing Committee; shall be a member of the OURA Executive Committee.
Vice-Chair: shall carry out those duties and tasks as assigned by the Chair.
Member-at-large: shall assume those duties, tasks and/or responsibilities as assigned by the Chair.
Member-at-large/Secretary: shall keep a record in minutes of the proceedings of meetings of the Standing Committee; shall circulate said minutes to Standing Committee members; shall have custody of all records of the Standing Committee.
Member-at-large/Special Projects Coordinator: shall assist in the management of special projects as assigned.

Should a vacancy occur on the Standing Committee on Graduate Studies, the Committee shall have discretion as to whether the vacancy is left unfilled or filled via: A by-election; or By appointment