Article V – Meetings of OURA2023-01-22T21:01:33+00:00

Article V –Meetings of OURA

Section 1: Regular Meetings of the OURA executive 

a) The OURA executive shall meet a minimum of three (3) times annually either virtually or in-person.  These meetings will generally follow a trimester model of the academic year, and meetings will be held in the Fall, Winter and Spring.  All meeting materials will be distributed at least 1 week in advance of meetings. 

b) Quorum of OURA meetings will constitute two thirds of the voting membership or 14 institutions, and all decisions of OURA with the exception of By-Law amendments as outlined in article VI Section 7, will be carried by a simple majority vote. 

c) Meetings of the OURA executive will be made available to the voting members and information from OURA meetings may be disseminated to the broader OURA membership. 

d) The OURA executive may hold in camera meetings for private discussion on matters affecting the registrarial community.  The deliberations of these sessions will be considered private. Ex-officio members are not permitted to join in camera sessions. 

Section 2: Annual General Meetings 

a) OURA will hold an Annual General Meeting for all OURA members where the summary of annual business and the organization financial situation will be shared.