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OURA – Award of Excellence

These annual awards are designed to recognize the everyday excellence of the employees of OURA member institutions within the following areas.

  • Registrarial
  • Admissions
  • Recruitment and liaison
  • Graduate studies
  • Records and systems
  • Scholarships and awards

Each year, the OURA Vice-President will invite one award nomination per institution from each of the OURA member registrars, directors, vice-presidents and/or deans. The nominee should be under the supervision of the OURA member nominator.

At the annual OURA conference, one award per member institution will be given.

The following information is requested:

– Length of time the nominee has worked within the registrarial community.
– Related employment background within the university sector.
– Contribution of the individual at their home institution.

Nomination Submitted By:

Institution *

Job Title *

Date of Submission *

Individual Being Nominated:

Institution *

Number Of Years Of Service In The Sector *

Number Of Years At Current Institution *

Please describe—with dates—the nominee's contributions to their home institution and the Provincial Registrarial Community. *



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