Ontario University Registrars' Association

Session Papers


Plenary Papers
Plenary Session I – Engaging Students and Understanding Their World
Plenary Session II – Personal Productivity Matters
Plenary Session III – The Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Age of Augmentation and Why Canada Needs to Double Down on Postsecondary Education
Block A Papers
A1 – Flooding the System: New Program Development and Program Repackaging in a Time of Competition for New Enrolments
A2 – The 3-Minute Thesis: Helping Students Articulate What They Do
A3 – Breaking Down the Barriers Through an Inter-Faculty Social and Learning Network: Exploring the Benefits of the University of Toronto’s Engineering Engagement & Development Network
A4 – Revisiting Electronic Letters
A5 – Invigilator Training: Now On-line
A6 – Speed Networking
Block B Papers
B1 – Thank University
B2 – Private Schools in Ontario
B3 – Grad Studies Roundtable I: Admissions/Recruitment, Student Life and Advising
B4 – Help! I Have No Money Left in My Meal Plan! Resources and Tools to Help Staff Help Students Manage Their Money
B4 (FR)– Help! I Have No Money Left in My Meal Plan! Resources and Tools to Help Staff Help Students Manage Their Money
B5 – Goodbye Customizations
B6 – How to Make Your Quality Innovation Footprint
Block C Papers
C1 – Immigration Advising, Legal Status and Records: What Every Student Advisor Needs to Know
C2 – Reducing the Noise! Collaborative, Cohesive and Strategic Communications to Current Students
C3 – Examinations Roundtable
C4 – Re-visioning Graduate Student Funding
C5 – Can I Ask You a Question? Ryerson’s Internal Knowledge Base as a Multi-Purpose Resource for Staff Training and Registrarial Information Distribution
C6 – Mindfulness
Block D Papers
D1 – Developing and Facilitating an Academic Advising Training Program
D2 – How to Cultivate Trust and Grow Commitment
D3 – Cultivating Collaboration: A Staff-Initiated X-Learning Project
D4 – Course Enrolment Made Easy: How Course Match Optimizes Both Student and Faculty Satisfaction
D5 – CEGEP: Building Bridges
D6 – The Journey of a Self-Professed Successful Student Searching for Success in Life
Block E Papers
E1 – Admissions Roundtable and Annual General Meeting
E2 – Graduate Studies Roundtable and Annual General Meeting
E3 – Records & Systems Roundtable and Annual General Meeting
E4 – Student Finance Roundtable and Annual General Meeting
E5 – Undergraduate Recruitment Roundtable and Annual General Meeting
E6 – Academic Advising Roundtable
Block F Papers
F1 – Ontario Ombudsman’s Oversight of Universities
F2 – What is Net Tuition Billing? – Panel Discussion
F3 – Bad Case of Gastritis: Student Exam Anxiety and Centralized Exam Deferment
F4 – An Overview of Education in Thailand and Vietnam
F5 – Delivering Accommodated Tests and Exams: Sharing Our Challenges and Best Practices
F6 – Pitching Your Ideas
F7 – Vendor Session: Diversify and Strengthen International Student Admissions with Cambridge English Qualifications
Block G Papers
G1 – It’s in the Mail – Net Estimate Letter
G2 – Challenges Along the Way: Building U of Toronto’s Course Information System
G3 – Developing and Facilitating an Academic Advising Training Program
G4 – Project CONNECT: Enhancing Service Excellence in the Registrar’s Office
Presenters: Lori Ru
G5 – Old Questions and New Answers About Institutional Recognition: International Admissions Case Studies
G6 – Team Building Through Creative Play
Block H Papers
H1 – Tour Ryerson’s ServiceHub
H2 – The Evolution of Academic Scheduling at Trent University
H3 – How Machine Learning Will Change the Admissions and Enrolment Landscape
H4 – Dollars and Sense: Laurier’s Response to Financial Literacy
H5 –Fraudulent Activity Trends in the Study Permits Program
H6 – Staying Clear of a Stress Mess
Block J Papers
J1 – How to Use Data to Increase Efficiency: A Student-Driven Online Approach
J2 – You Talkin’ to Me?
J3 – Summer OSAP
J4 – Safety Abroad: Innovation in Student Travel Support Services
J5 – Grad Studies Roundtable II: Funding, Scholarships and Financial Aid
J6 – 101 Admissions Roundtable
Block K Papers
K1 – Women in Leadership: Advancing at High Speeds in Higher
K2 – A Revised Approach to the Language of Student Communication
K3 – English Language Learners: Unequipped or Underestimated?
K4 – Non-101 Undergraduate Admissions Roundtable: Current Trends and Topics
K5 – ARUCC Groningen and Student Mobility: Crossing the Digital Divide
K6 – The Art and Science of Collaboration