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Stay tuned for 2025 conference updates!

It was wonderful to see so many of you in Toronto in Feburary at our 2024 OURA conference. The sessions were outstanding—many thanks to those of you who made time in your busy schedules to prepare and share information about relevant topics with your colleagues! A special shout-out to the PD&E committee who, with the support of Exposoft Solutions, ensured that all conference logistics and experiences were handled flawlessly. And of course, a huge congratulations to all of our OURA Award recipients at the conference – your hard work and talent is deeply appreciated!

Your OURA Executive have engaged in conversations about the future of the OURA conference. We will be moving to an every other year schedule, to occur in opposite years to the ARUCC conference (which happens in even-numbered years), so we will not host our next in-person OURA conference until 2027.

Your opportunities for connection and professional development will be facilitated via webinars throughout the year instead. You may have had opportunity to take advantage of some of the excellent ARUCC webinars over the past year. OURA will be launching similar programming soon—perhaps beginning with a few popular sessions from the recent OURA conference to get us kick-started. Stay tuned for more information about this new opportunity!