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Past OURA Awards Recipients

Each year, we recognize the innovation, excellence and achievements of OURA members during our conference.

Past Winners

Award of Excellence

Amanda Whitewall, Brock University

Erika Strathearn, Carleton University

Sandra Speller, University of Guelph

Jessica Clarke, Lakehead University

Teresa Alm, Queen’s University

Shelagh Pepper, Wilfrid Laurier University

Nancy Pandit, McMaster University

Kyle Anderson, Nipissing University 

Sean Baker, OCAD University

Shannon Bracken, Ontario Tech University

Jeff Capel, Toronto Metropolitan University

Erin Davidson, Trent University

Carine Tuekam Kunche, Université de l’Ontario Français

José Nadeau, University of Ottawa

Merike Remmel, University of Toronto

Stacey Mahoney, University of Waterloo

Mike Rose, York University

Award of Achievement

Jody Berringer, University of Waterloo

Don MacMillan, University of Toronto

Innovation Award

Lorretta Neebar and the team behind the “AskRegistrar” project

Award of Excellence

Brendan Barrett, Brock University

Jen Sugar, Carleton University

Tammy Arsenault-Irving, University of Guelph

Tori White, Lakehead University

Diane Roy, Laurentian University

Craig Chipps, Wilfrid Laurier University

Marion Grant-Hose, McMaster University

Sandra Managhan, Nipissing University 

Raelene Ernst, OCAD University

Maria-Jose Martinez, Ontario Tech University

Peter Bennett, Royal Military College of Canada

Vanessa Policheni-Vella, Toronto Metropolitan University

Jennifer Coghlin, University of Waterloo

Ivana Wolsegger, York University

Award of Achievement

Charmaine Hack, Toronto Metropolitan University

Award of Excellence:

Carly Basian, Ryerson University

Susan Auld, Lakehead University

Debra Iafrate, Nipissing University

Sylvie Létang, University of Ottawa

Serena Lavender-Hedrich, RMC

Stuart Pinchin, Queens University

Kevin Whitmore, Trent University

Shelby Verboven, University of Toronto

Lillian Nasello, York University

Chrissy Doolittle, McMaster University

Julie Hummel, Laurier University

Rav Dhamrait, Ontario Tech

Joseph Gottli, Brock University

Tatum Bizony, University of Waterloo

Award of Achievement

Paula Johnson, McMaster University

Innovation Award

McMaster University – McMaster Digital Diploma Project, McMaster University

Award of Excellence:

Melissa Melo, University of Guelph

Leah Rosenthal, McMaster University

Sarah Marinelli, Nipissing University

Claire Ferguson-Kaake, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Deanne Wright, Ryerson University

Joseph Minichini, University of Toronto

Stephanie Belfry, Trent University

Nancy Heide, University of Waterloo

Lori Gribbon, University of Western Ontario

Anita Bondy, University of Windsor

Lucy Bellissimo, York University

Award of Achievement

Richard Levin, University of Toronto

Award of Excellence:

Dianne Uppal, Brock University – Nominated by Geraldine Jones

Perry Legakis, Carelton University – Nominated by Janice O’Farrell

Cathie O’Connor, Lakehead University – Nominated by Andrea Tarsitano

Millicent Trifunski, McMaster University – Nominated by Rebecca Hamilton

Anne Ahrens-Embleton, OCAD University – Nominated by Ben Peto

Naomi Greer-Ballance , RMC – Nominated by Karl Michaud

Ron Ferguson, Ryerson University – Nominated by Barbara Cecchetto

Felicia Birmingham, Trent University – Nominated by Sasha Trivett

Manuela Sheehy, University of Guelph – Nominated by Ray Darling

Beth Stewart, University of Ontario Institute of Technology – Nominated by Andra Drinkwater

Octavio Gonzalez, University of Toronto – Nominated by Richard Levin

Mary Lynn Benniger, University of Waterloo – Nominated by Cathy Newell Kelly

Lorraine Grondin, University of Windsor – Nominated by Alice Miller

Cherie Mongeon, Wilfrid Laurier University – Nominated by Helen Paret

Award of Achievement:

David Marasco, Algoma University – Nominated by Shelley Mitchell

Honorary Member Award:

Trudy Sykes, McMaster University Nominated by Joe Stokes

Innovation Award:

Payment Modernization Project, Wilfred Laurier University – Nominated by Necia Martins

Necia Martins

Catherine Bolton

Meghann Wiles

Mike Bittle

Sharon Leaman

Award of Excellence:

Deanna McQuarrie, Guelph University – Nominated by Ray Darling

Helen Buac, McMaster University – Nominated by Bernadette Belan

Rock Hau, RMC – Nominated by Karl Michaud

Kevin Goodchild, Ryerson University – Nominated by Susan Vercruysse

Joan Mann, Trent University – Nominated by Tracy Al-Idrissi

Susan Allward, UOIT – Nominated by Lori Russell

Maureen Jones, Waterloo University – Nominated by Catherine Newell Kelly

Jennifer Casey, Laurier – Nominated by Juile Hummel

Honorary Member Award:

Serge Demers, Laurentian – Nominated by Christopher Rooney

Award of Achievement: Barb Cecchetto, Ryerson University

Award of Excellence: Dennis Tian, McMaster University, and Sasha Trivett, Trent University

Innovation Award: Ryerson University

Ryerson University developed a system for publishing the Undergraduate Calendar completely in-house using the university website platform.  The benefits of this new system include:

  • Customized branding of the calendar
  • Fully e-reader, mobile phone etc. friendly, AODA compliant
  • Comprehensive course information is now linked/referenced
  • ‘Hover’ function was added which allows the course description to pop up when reviewing the course requirements
  • Improved search options

Other nominees:

  • McMaster University
  • Trent University

Award of Excellence: Tracy Al-Idrissi,Trent University, Samantha Read, Ryerson University,Ruth Toth, McMaster University,Ruth MacNeil, Wilfrid Laurier University.
Honorary Membership:Barb Davis, Brock University.

Innovation Award: Glendon-York University
Recipients: Courtney Mallam, Cristina Bregar, Jessica Perkins, Elodie Ly, David Ip Yam, Juan Garido, Francette MaquitoAward of Excellence: Effie Gatsinos, University of Guelph
Marisa Modeski, Ryerson UniversityHonorary Membership Award: Lynn Judge

Honorary Award of Distinction: George Granger, OUAC

Innovation Award: University of Waterloo

Waterloo Receives OURA Innovation Award

The recipient of the the OURA Innovation Award was the University of Waterloo who developed a graduate admission system. The system facilitates a paperless application management process and provides online services to applicants, referees, reviewers, departments, Faculties and the Graduate Studies to improve timelines for decisions, offers and responses.

Some key components of the system include:

  • electronic document management
  • electronic reference letters
  • online applications for department evaluation
  • online recommendations for admission
  • harmonized offer of admission

Congratulations University of Waterloo on your OURA Innovation Award.

Innovation Award: Brock University

Brock Receives Provincial Registrars’ Association Award

This article first appeared in the Brock News

Brock is the recipient of this year’s Ontario Universities Registrars’ Association (OURA) Innovation Award, which rewards universities for improving the quality and reducing the cost of academic admission.

The OURA Innovation Award recognizes and rewards achievements in the following areas: admissions, registration, examinations, scheduling, transcripts, systems, records, calendars, scholarships and awards, secondary school liaison, and related activities. Brock’s Office of the Registrar won for its Electronic Academic Calendar Submission/Revision Project.
The award is valued at $5,000 and is given in the form of an endowment to fund a student scholarship.

The Office of the Registrar, in partnership with ITS/Web Development, developed a web-based system to facilitate the Undergraduate and Graduate Academic Calendar Revision Submission process. This project improves the annual process by which the academic calendar is developed and produced, and improves efficiency, productivity and cost savings. The first year of implementation, collaboration and support from the academic units and the undergraduate program committee have contributed to a successful launch of phase one.

The award was accepted by Barb Davis, Registrar, and Gloria Gallagher, Associate Registrar, during the OURA Annual Conference held March 1 to 3 in Toronto. The two also presented a conference session on the project and will make a similar presentation at the Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada Conference in June.
“I would like to acknowledge the exceptional work of both Mwinchande Chande in the Office of the Registrar and Geoff Martin in ITS, and to thank members of UPC and everyone in the academic units for their support and enthusiasm in embracing this project,” Davis said. “It is very much a community effort.”

Samantha Craggs – Brock University



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